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The largest city within the state of Nebraska is Omaha, which incidentally is also the county seat of Douglas County. Also called the “Gateway to the West”, this city has become a hub of transportation and a place for breweries and transportation. Omaha is currently the home of several Fortune 500 companies as well as many successful companies and firms within the United States. The economy of the city is diverse and also gives great importance to tourism. Local and foreign tourists alike have made stops in this city to either visit the Henry Doorly Zoo or partake in the College World Series. Asides from these two, the city is home to many historical landmarks which are visited by many tourists each year.

Omaha has made several contributions to the culture and lifestyle of not only the Americans but to the rest of the world as well. Omaha has been the home of inventions which include the TV Dinner, the Cake Mix, the Raisin Bran, the Ski Lift and many others.

The Orpheum Theater, located within the downtown area of Omaha, is a performing arts theater included in the list of National Register of Historic Places. The theater was opened to the public in 1927 and was built primarily to host Vaudeville performances. For several decades, it was also utilized as a movie house after it was renovated. In 2002, it received another upgrade worth about $10 million. The Orpheum was also given another upgrade in 2004, when the Skylink was added to make it more convenient to access.

Another venue place located within the downtown area of the city of Omaha is the CenturyLink Center. This convention center and arena is able to accommodate an approximate of 18,975 spectators and consists of a meeting space and exhibition hall. First opened to the public in 2003, the center was initially named Qwest Center Omaha, after the company was bought out by CenturyLink. This large arena is commonly used to host a variety of events such as live concerts, wrestling matches, hockey and basketball games and many others.

The Holland Performing Arts Center is also conveniently located within the downtown area of Omaha. Opened to the public in 2005, this performing arts venue was designed to provide a place for good acoustics. The Holland Performing Arts Center also includes the Suzanne and Walter Scott Recital Hall, the Peter Kiewit Concert Hall and the Courtyard.

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