2021 Albuquerque Concert Tickets

Albuquerque Concert Tickets


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Albuquerque, Bernalillo County’s county seat, is incidentally also the largest city within the state of New Mexico. It is also the home of several institutions and establishments such as the Petrogylph National Monument, the Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute, the Kirtland Air Force Base and the University of New Mexico.

The city of Albuquerque is home to many establishments which showcase its local culture and arts scenes. Some of these establishments include Old Town Albuquerque, the Museum of National History and Science, Albuquerque Museum of Art and History and many others. The city also houses a variety of venues which showcases local entertainment which include KiMo Theater, Sunshine Theater, the Tingley Coliseum and the Hard Rock Pavilion. In addition to this, the city was mentioned in several pop culture references which include the shows Breaking Bad, I Love Lucy, In Plain Sight and many others.

The Pit, located in the city of Albuquerque, particularly within the campus grounds of the University of New Mexico, was opened to the public in 1966 under its original name, the University Arena. This arena, mainly utilized for basketball games, features 350 club seats, 40 luxury suites and is able to accommodate an approximate of 15,411 spectators. It is the current home of the of the basketball teams of the University of New Mexico. To date, this basketball arena has played host to a variety of sporting events which included the NCAA.

The Tingley Coliseum, also located within the city of Albuquerque along San Pedro Drive, was originally constructed to serve as a horse show and rodeo auditorium. This multi-purpose arena is able to accommodate an approximate of 11,571 spectators and was once the home of several sports teams such as the National Basketball Development League’s Albuquerque Thunderbirds and the Ice Hockey Team, New Mexico Scorpions. Nowadays, the Tingley Coliseum has played host to a variety of events such as sporting tournaments, concerts, State Fairs and civic gatherings. Some of these have included a Miss USA Pageant, boxing matches and live concerts performed by artists such as Janet Jackson, Elton John and many others.

The Sunshine Building, located within the downtown area of Albuquerque, was constructed in 1924. In 1985, this building was included in the list of National Register of Historic Places. Currently the Sunshine Building houses the Sunshine Theater, originally a movie palace for the locals. During the 1980’s, it was renovated into a live music venue. To date, the Sunshine Theater has played host to numerous artists such as Deadmau5, The Smashing Pumpkins, Snoop Dogg and many others.