Colorado Avalanche

National Hockey League or NHL is another major sporting association in the country (also in the neighboring country, Canada). There are 30 teams in NHL. They are divided into two conferences: the Eastern and Western Conferences. For the east, the conference is subdivided into three divisions: the Atlantic, Northeast and Southeast. The same goes for the west in which it has Central, Pacific and Northwest divisions. One of them is the Colorado Avalanche.

The Colorado Avalanche is part of the Northwest division of the Western Conference. The team plays 82 games per season. The top 8 teams (in terms of standing and accumulated points) will advance to the playoffs. There are three rounds in the playoffs. The first round is the quarterfinals of the conference, the second round is the semifinals in the conference, the third round is the conference championship and the winner of the two conferences will slug it all out in the NHL Finals or more popularly known as the Stanley Cup.

Talking about the Stanley Cup, the Colorado Avalanche is one of the NHL teams that captured that prestigious title twice – one in the 1995-1996 season and in the 2000-2001 season. The Colorado Avalanche started playing in the hockey professional league WHA 1972 as Quebec Nordiques. This team moved to NHL in 1979 and they started using the Colorado Avalanche name in 1995. As the Colorado Avalanche in Denver, the team won 8 division titles and all of these were in their first decade in this area. In addition to that, their first ten seasons in this area also translated to playoff appearances – all of their seasons. However, this winning streak ended in the 2007 season. Their 8 division titles stretched from 1995-1996 season to 2002-2003 season and that’s 8 straight playoff appearances.

With the NHL lockout that occurred in 2005, the Colorado Avalanche was forced to let go of their top players in order to play by the financial rules and to be with or under the salary cap. The recent years of the Colorado Avalanche are like the rebuilding process. They may have missed playoffs some time now, but they are on track to redeem the glory they once had.

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