2013 Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets

For musicians, there is a question which defies answers: How do you define success? Or to put it in another way, when do you say that your band is a success?

Questions about the definition of success has become more relevant in the age of sub-genres, and electronic modes of marketing. There are a lot of bands with sold out concerts and millions of albums sold, but do not appear in the mainstream media. One of these is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO). The brainchild of Paul O'Neill, TSO produces progressive metal, which is a blend of orchestral, heavy metal and symphonic music.

With O'Neill as founding members of TSO are Jon Oliva, Al Patrelli and Robert Krinkel. O'Neill is the composer, lyricist and band producer. Krinkel is the band's keyboardist and co-producer. Oliva is the vocalist and founder of the band Savatage, while Patrelli is a guitarist of Savatage. Along with the core group, TSO makes use of a full orchestra and choirs. They also have a constantly changing roster of singers and musicians.

TSO has been proven to be a different type of band from the very beginning. With half of the band's core coming from Savatage, there is some cross-pollination and borrowing of music and inspiration between the two bands. Another thing which sets them apart from other bands is that their first album is a Christmas album which in turn is part of an album trilogy. Like most progressive metal bands, there is also no boundaries for the band, as its music has been variously categorized as progressive rock, progressive metal, symphonic rock, neo-classical metal and classical rock. Their Christmas Trilogy sounds like a Christmas carol by a choir with music by an orchestra with a heavy metal arrangement. This is a show band doing rock operas complete with a lights and sound show and trusses moving everywhere on stage. The Christmas Trilogy is still their most popular album.

Through it all, TSO has proven to be very popular. The band has been touring since 1999. With their concerts, they donate $1 for every concert ticket sold, and with have raised around $10 million dollars for local charities and institutions where they perform. Although they perform for most of the year, there are two touring bands during November to December, to make the most of the Christmas season.

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