Monster Jam Trucks

Big-wheel fun for the whole family continues this year with the Monster Jam tour. Monster Jam is not just about racing monster trucks, it also includes freestyle competitions, exhibitions, and various fan events. There is an activity for every member of the family. Monster Jam touches with its fans throughout the country by bringing the show to them.

Monster Jam features monster trucks in straight-line one-on-one competition, freestyle competition, jumps, car crushes and other exhibitions. Since these were first created in the late 1970s, the trucks have evolved into custom-made trucks with 66-inch wheels, 4-feet clearance, fiberglass bodies, tubular frame chasis, and multiple safety features.

With the size of these vehicles, the safety features ensure that the driver and spectators are safe during the event. The driver has to be wearing full protective equipment which include firesuits, helmets, head and neck restraints, and safety harnesses. In case of rollover, there are three kill switches which can be used to shut down the engine, including a remote ignition Interrupt (RII). All monster trucks have a red light in the cab, visible to the crew, signifying that the RII is working.

The Monster Jam give its fans all the enjoyment of seeing these trucks up close. There are pit parties before the race, where fans can ask for autographs. This is also an opportunity for the fans to interact with the pit crews and to be near the trucks as well.